1 accept 4S store orders, order to suppliers

5 days and 20 days to accept 4S shop orders, 6 and 21 days to the supplier under the order

2 according to the monthly 4S shop products delivery, warehousing, respectively in the 4S shop, supplier reconciliation, and complete the storage warehouse operation

The 10 day of each month and 4S shop reconciliation is completed, 15 days before the completion of monthly reconciliation with suppliers

3 coordinate 4S store to deal with order related issues, accept 4S store feedback problems and complaints, and timely reporting to the competent leadership

4 for the relevant departments to provide orders, bills related information

5 monthly order statistics and analysis

6 complete other tasks assigned by the leader on time

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above in computer, finance, economics, management, statistics, etc.

2, with the basic knowledge of automotive, financial basic knowledge

3, business etiquette, the bidding process, contract preparation, contract management

4, EXCEL ability, statistical analysis ability, communication ability

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