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Position: in the human resources recruitment training

1. Responsibility
1. The recruitment management
1) to assist the general manager recruitment specification, process formulation;
2) responsible for the development of recruiting tools and promotion;
3) headquarters responsible for hiring the unity of the platform and channel management;
4) responsible for coordinating the company within the scope of employee recruitment, selection and employment;
5) to assist general manager responsible for the company's recruitment, selection and employment of important position within the scope of work.
2. Training management
1) is responsible for establishing the company internal and external training management system;
2) is responsible for the collection and preliminary review headquarters department training needs, training plan and training budget;
3) is responsible for organizing new recruits post adaptability training, the implementation of the company staff continuing education and professional qualification training, etc.;
4) to be responsible for the organization to carry out the headquarters management, subsidiary management team, mothball cadre education and training.
3. The personnel management
1) responsible for the company's headquarters staff title appraisal and the professional qualification management work.
2) responsible for the management enterprise retired cadres.
3) responsible for the company's visa foreign affairs management, etc.
4) responsible for the personnel statistics and summary report;
5) responsible for the company's labor contract management, personnel files and related personnel Labour management policy and standard formulation;
6) responsible for the establishment of the headquarters staff personnel file, management and daily maintenance work;
7) cooperate to win a assessment management.
4. Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.
2. The job requirements
(1) education professional: the first degree bachelor degree and above, financial accounting, financial management related majors;
(2) age: below 35 years old;
(3) working fixed number of year: minimum 5 years related industry related experience;
(4) title: related intermediate title or above or equivalent level of professional qualification;
(5) professional skills: proficient in national, regional, real estate industry on labor management, salary management, insurance and welfare treatment and so on policies and regulations; Be familiar with the modern enterprise human resources management mode, for human resource recruitment, job training, has a wealth of practical experience; Good communication skill with Chinese writing ability, familiar with computer and office software.
(6) management skills: has the strong ability of plan, organize, and control;
(7) professional quality, strong team spirit and innovative spirit, have good professional ethics, no bad working records;
(8) highly agree with China to build strategic pursuit, core values, corporate culture and employees working code.
3, the recruitment process
According to the competitive principles of openness, fairness and justice, to take voluntary application background, qualification examination, the written test, interview, investigation, physical examination, employment and other major procedures.
4, registration requirements
1. Registration form: eligible to apply for personnel to send resume to email zhaopin_zjfdc@126.com. Provide resume shall ensure that all the information is true, accurate and effective. Email titled "apply for jobs - XXX (applicant's name)". In addition to the online registration, do not accept other forms for registration.
2. The time signing up: from now on until February 28, 2016.
5, and other matters
1. The written test, interview specific time and place will be subject to phone or email notification.
2. Our company promises to applicant information strictly confidential, and used only for recruitment. The not hiring information, will not be returned.
3. If have some doubts about recruitment information, please send to zhaopin_zjfdc@126.com email.

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