Job title: New media specialist

Location: Beijing

Recruitment number: a number of

Education: junior college or above

Salary: Negotiable

Work experience: 4 years or above

The system: Automotive Aftermarket

Job responsibilities:

1, according to operational needs, enhance the number of users, micro-blog, WeChat, traffic and conversion rate;

2, all kinds of online activities planning and landing, coordinate related resources to achieve operational objectives;

3, according to the needs of business and user needs, adjust and optimize the structure of the WeChat public number;

4. Cooperate with department manager to optimize business product promotion plan;

5, operation data statistics and analysis;

6. Other tasks assigned by department leader.

Job requirements:

1, bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years of experience in the Internet or new media operations, experience in automotive industry is preferred,

2, good planning skills, writing skills, communication skills, team work ability and learning ability.

3, can use PS and other image processing software, the data is more sensitive, familiar with all kinds of Internet marketing methods and skills.

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