Job title: Senior Data Manager

Location: Beijing

Recruitment number: a number of

Education: junior college or above

Salary: Negotiable

Work experience: 4 years or above

The system: Automotive Aftermarket

Job description:

1, data visualization support, can quickly deal with big data and complete report shows;

2, to support the company's business data extraction, in-depth data analysis, to provide decision-making support for the company's risk policy.

Post qualification:

1, mathematics, statistics, financial mathematics or computer and other related professional bachelor degree or above;

2, proficiency in at least one data visualization tool (tableau/echarts/highcharts, etc.), with good data show ability;

3, familiar with graphic design tools, familiar with Powerpoint/excel Office, can skilled excel drawing function, PPT display;

4. Familiar with the application of statistical theory and statistical methods, mathematical statistics, data analysis, mining modeling experience is preferred.

5, auto finance, finance lease, automobile circulation industry experience is preferred;

6, optimistic, willing to learn, and have a strong inter departmental communication and expression ability.

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