Job title: Admin Manager

Location: Beijing

Recruitment number: a number of

Education: junior college or above

Salary: Negotiable

Work experience: 4 years or above

The system: Automotive Aftermarket

Job responsibilities:

1 to develop, supervise and implement the company administration system, improve and refine the administrative office management system;

2 to implement the company's annual administrative plan, responsible for the Department of the work objectives of the development, implementation and management, control of administrative costs;

3 overall management of the regional molecular companies and self store management and supervision of the administrative supervision.

4 participate in the organization and coordination of the company's various meetings and activities;

5 responsible for the company's fixed assets management, vehicles, office area management and other day-to-day administrative affairs, do a good job of logistics support;

6 do a good job of communication between employees, departments and superiors;

7 to assist external liaison and reception work.

Terms of service:

The following 1.35 years, university degree or above;

4 have more than 2 years working experience in the automotive industry with the same position, 6 years experience in administrative management positions;

3 familiar with the administrative work process, able to deal with unexpected events;

4 have a strong sense of responsibility, good team cooperation ability, excellent communication, coordination and execution ability;

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