Chen Fenjian, President of CCCC Researched the “Reach Century Project “in Changsha.

In the afternoon of October 9th , Chen Fenjian, President of CCCC, Sun Guoqiang, the Chairman of CCCG Real Estate Group, Peng Liangxing, General Manager of the headquarters of central China region of CCCC, Qi Wenzhong, General Manager of the headquarters of east China region of CCCC and Guo Zhulong, General Manager of CCCC Road & Bridge went to Changsha to inspect and guide the Reach Century project.

Chen Fenjian and his party field-inspected the construction site, sample area and Datong Reach Primary School of Reach Century Project and listened to the report of CCCG Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. which is about introducing strategic investor and development, construction and other conditions of Reach Century Project.

Chen Fenjian praised the work progress and achievements on strategic investor introduction of CCCG Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. He said that real estate industry is highly market-oriented and the deep reform and reorganization of real estate section have strategic importance to "Five Business of China Communications Construction" creation. CCCG Real Estate Group Co., Ltd should not be afraid to experiment and innovate as the experimental unit of market-oriented reform. Finally, three requirements for the following next work of CCCG Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. had been raised by him: The first one is to establish and well form three brands and business platforms of CCCG Real Estate + China National Real Estate, Greentown and CCCG Overseas Real Estate. The Second is to be prepared for the deep plough and exploration in the city, speed up the development pace and improve the investment efficiency. The third is to control the development pace, adjust product mix and optimize product design in accordance with market change and concentrate introducible strategic cooperative partner of development and construction of business parts.

Zhang Jie, Office Deputy Director of China Communications Construction, Yang Zhichao, Vice-Minister of work department of Party committee, related persons in charge of Haixi region and China National Real Estate participated in the research.

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