The Company Organized Autumn Hiking Activity in 2016

On October 22, the company organized autumn hiking of 2016 in Labagou primeval forest park in Huairou. The leading members from the company and every platform company, and the headquarters' employees (about 60) participated in the activity.

Labagou primeval forest park covers an area of 180 square kilometers which is the only primeval forest natural ecological scenic spot in Beijing. The forest area is 110 square kilometers with more than 300 species of wild animals. There are numerous mountains and valleys in the park, with vast forests, fresh air and pleasant scenery. Unique geography and landform and harmonic forest ecology environment make it a tourist attraction for natural ecological tourism and plants appreciation.

The total journey of this hiking was about 11 km. Everyone started hiking after taking photos at 10am. People encouraged each other, cared for each other and helped each other on the way. The atmosphere was very harmonious. After 2.5 hours' hiking, all the people finished the whole trip. Li Bin and Xu Dongtao from CCCG Overseas Real Estate tied for the first prize of men group. Cheng Haijing and Li Xia from CCCG Real Estate Group tied for the first prize of women group.

This activity was a happy and healthy journey for the staffs which not only built up staffs' endurance and willpower, but also released their stress and helped to build a healthy and happy mood. It promoted the communication between staffs and showed favorable features of the company which are optimism, aggressiveness, solidarity and friendship. It also aroused passion and vitality for carrying out works in the future.

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