Sun Guoqiang Researched ""CCCG·Chanson" Project in Langfang

On October 25, Chairman and General Manager Sun Guoqiang and his parties went to inspect and guide "CCCG·Chanson" project in Langfang.

Sun Guoqiang field-inspected the construction site and sales office of the project and listened to the report of the project company which was about project development and construction. He pointed out that urban and rural area of China were able to keep up with the strategy of the country, accurately control the market, actively promote project landing and also, the project had had great sales performance which enlightened the CCCG brand. The progress deserves to be fully affirmed. The next step of the project is to firmly promote the planning and adjustment work of area of 195 mu. We shall penetrate hard targets to get the area as soon as possible. In the future cooperative development, we should not only persist on principles, but also respect the spirit of contract. On the premise of "honest" and "value creation", we will well arrange the business part of the project and realize mutual benefit and win-win result.

When Sun Guoqiang was in Langfang, he also met Chen Ping, the mayor of Langfang. They communicated friendly with each other on the project cooperation.

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